1996-1997 Texas Basketball Schedule and Results

Overall Record  17-11  (Includes Post-season)
 Big 12 Record  10-6

10/14 12:00a                   Midnight Madness
11/05  7:00p                   Orange-White Game

11/16  7:00p         W  78-70  Townsville Suns, Australian (exhibition)
11/19  7:00p         W  78-75  SE Australia (exhibition)

11/23  3:00p  Fox    W  83-81o Nebraska (will not count in Big 12 standings)
11/27  7:00p  Fox    W  86-79  Rhode Island
12/04  7:00p         W  82-64  at Florida
12/07  7:00p  Fox    W  71-56  North Texas
12/09  8:30p  Fox    L  78-83  at Arizona
12/14  3:00p  CBS    W  98-86  Fresno State
12/18  9:30p  Fox    W  86-83  at Oregon State
12/21  8:30p         L  68-80  at Utah
12/31  5:30p  ESPN2  L  66-74  at Providence
01/04  7:00p  Fox    W  92-58  Oklahoma State
01/06  8:30p  ESPN   L  61-86  at Kansas
01/12  3:30p  Creat  W 104-63  Kansas State
01/15  8:00p  Creat  W  86-76o at Texas A&M
01/19  1:25p  CBS    L  78-85  Louisville
01/22  7:00p  Fox    W  76-66  Oklahoma
01/26  1:15p  CBS    W  78-74  Missouri
01/28  7:00p  Fox    L  72-76  at Baylor
02/01 12:45p  Creat  L  69-83  at Oklahoma
02/03  8:30p  ESPN   W  83-67  Texas Tech
02/08 12:45p  Creat  W  90-73  at Oklahoma State
02/12  7:00p  Local  W  70-67  Baylor
02/16  1:00p  Creat  L  67-79  at Nebraska
02/19  8:00p  Creat  W  57-56  Iowa State
02/22 12:45p  Creat  L  70-72  at Texas Tech (Texas Tech later forfieted this
                                              game due to the use of ineligible
02/25  7:00p  Local  W  68-57  Texas A&M
03/01  3:00p  Creat  L  60-83  at Colorado

Big 12 Tournament at Kansas City
03/07  6:00p  Creat  L  75-80  Missouri

NCAA First and Second Round at Pittsburgh
03/14 11:15a  CBS    W  71-58  Wisconsin
03/16 03:45p  CBS    W  82-81  Coppin St

NCAA Regionals at Syracuse
03/21 06:40p  CBS    L  63-78  Louisville

Creat indicates Creative Sports which will be shown in Austin on KTBC Channel 7 or KVC Channel 13. For additional stations in the Big 12 viewing area and for confirmation of specific games, please check your local listings.

Fox indicates Fox Sports Southwest or Fox Syndication. Check local listings for the station in your area.

Fox Syndication and/or Creative Sports may be shown on the following stations. Once again, check local listings before setting the VCR.

Austin        KTBC/KVC
Dallas        KXTX
Houston       KNWS
Lubbock       KGLR
San Antonio   KABB/KRRT
Tyler         KFXK
Wichita Falls KJBO

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